6 months of use

corresponding to your commitment

0 Leads generated

without taking into consideration unqualified contacts that you have archived

5 preregistrations

sent successfully per month and per sales rep at least

50 preregistrations

sent successfully in total, whatever the number of sales reps on your account

Animated Ambassadors

thanks to our automated tools integrated in our software

Refund policy

Simple and transparent.

Thanks to our years of expertise in the referral marketing, we know what are the best levers for a successful program and we make a commitment on the result that you will gain with Yuccan Lead.

You have the possibility to refuse contacts that you do not consider as a potential Lead. You can then archive these from your interface, and these will not be counted at the end of your 6 months.

Each sales rep has his own access on web interface. Each can preregister Ambassadors, which mean invite them to join your program. A successful preregistration is an accepted invitation by an Ambassador. Ask us to see this feature in demo!

Yuccan Lead has a dozen of marketing tools, for most of it automated, helping you to promote and animate your program. You must have activated at least one of this tool to make this condition valid.

Once you've received your 6th invoice, our Customer Success team will schedule an assessment with you. Once this assessment is done, you will be refunded of all your invoices. If you can't be refunded, it means that you made a profit with Yuccan Lead! Please note that only six first months can be refunded.

Wanna know how we can promise you a profitability with our software?

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