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by amplyfing your
word-of-mouth phenomenon

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Yuccan Lead turns your customers into Ambassadors

Have you thought about encouraging your customers to become your own business providers, so that they can bring you new customers?

Perhaps you already know this: word-of-mouth is the best way to gain more customers. You've got already plenty of satisfied customers who are ready to recommend you to their relatives, but what is stopping them from taking action?

As a matter of fact, if 83% of your satisfied customers are ready to refer you, 29% only will really do! (Texas Tech Today, 2015)

Yuccan Lead can help you grow your business:

Make the process easier

Say goodbye to regular and boring sponsorships vouchers! Thanks to our mobile app, your Ambassadors can submit you Leads anytime, anywhere!

Be proactive

Don't be passive anymore waiting for a potential lead to contact you. Be proactive by contacting the lead yourself!

Reward your Ambassadors in cash

Motivation is key to success for your Ambassadors. Offer rewards in cash thanks to our secure payment platform which is in compliance with your legal and fiscal regulations!

A mobile app for your customers...

Yuccan Lead app looks like you, comply with your corporate identity and can be customized with your logos and colors.

Yuccan Lead offers you also a new communication channel to keep your Ambassadors informed of your promotional offers directly in their phones, thereby strengthening your closeness with them.

...and a web interface for you too!

Yuccan Lead is shipping with a web interface reachable by any browser where you can easily manage your Ambassadors and Leads.

You can reward your Ambassadors instantaneously thanks to a credit/debit card, via our secure payment platform Stripe.

Moreover, you also have the possibility to follow your return on investment in real time thanks to pies and charts on your dashboard.

Our added value

Building up a network of business providers may be tedious.
Here's how Yuccan Lead solves this problem:

Turnkey software

Sign up to the platform in 5 minutes so that your Ambassadors can join you

Tailor-made approach

Create multiple reward levels and customize the mobile app to your very image

Legal compliance

We handle for you the legal, fiscal, and financial aspects involved by rewards in cash

Secured payments

Benefit from a platform allowing you to pay your Ambassadors safely

CRM integration

We interface Yuccan Lead with your favorite CRM software (Salesforce, Dynamics...)

Real time follow-up

Observe your return on investment thanks to charts and metrics


We remain at your disposal to answer any of your questions by email or by phone

Closeness to your Ambassadors

Strengthen your interactions with your Ambassadors thanks to the mobile app

Our different plans

Choose the plan that fits the best for you


Benefit from most of the Yuccan Lead features at a low price

25 €

ex-tax / month
Best Choice
  • Your logo and theme customizable
  • Get your custom website
  • Download your custom flyers
  • Only 1 sales rep
  • Support by email only
  • No extra branches allowed
  • No reward levels allowed
  • No customized fields
  • No push notifications allowed
  • No CRM integration possible
  • High processing fees applied on each rewards you pay


Get the best part of Yuccan Lead main features

85 €

ex-tax / month
Best Choice
  • Your logo and theme customizable
  • Get your custom website
  • Download your custom flyers
  • Limited to 6 sales reps
  • Support by email only
  • Limited to 1 branch
  • Limited to 2 reward levels
  • Limited to 1 custom field
  • Only 1 push notification / month
  • CRM integration possible on quotation
  • Low processing fees applied on each rewards you pay


Opt for a software fully suitable to your company and your business needs

130 €

ex-tax / month
Best Choice
  • Your logo and theme customizable
  • Get your custom website
  • Download your custom flyers
  • Up to 15 sales reps
  • Support by phone and email
  • Up to 3 branches
  • Up to 5 reward levels
  • Up to 5 custom fields
  • Up to 3 push notifications / month
  • Free CRM integration
  • Low processing fees applied on each rewards you pay

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